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Dear Aspiring Referee,


If you are serious about taking your officiating career from where you are right now to high levels of Division One or even to the NBA…then this may be the most important letter you will ever read.


Here’s why: Ed T. Rush, the former NBA Director of Officials, veteran of 33 NBA Finals Games and 5 NBA All-Star Games, has offered to personally “mentor” a small group of officials on how to reach new levels in their officiating careers. If you qualify…you can be a member of that unique group.


But first, let me tell you how this unique opportunity came about. Pull up a chair, put that “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door…and listen carefully…what I am about to say is very important.


Ed T. Rush began his officiating career back in 1966. But here is the real interesting part…during his 40 years in professional basketball, he was simultaneously developing a system which…when applied to any referee…could almost immediately double or triple their chances of success. In fact, this system is so potent that the large majority of officials who implement it end up at the Division One or Professional levels. Part of the beauty of his system is identifying the key traits, qualities, and behaviors that all great officials possess…and then teaching them to aspiring officials so that they can develop these same traits.


Quite honestly…this system works like a charm on anyone who actually applies it. In fact, many have said that it is…


“The Most Powerful, Most Effective System Ever Developed

To Teach Someone How To Become a Top-Level Referee”


Just one example…there is one technique in this system, that, when applied properly is guaranteed to immediately quadruple an official’s development. In fact…referees have said that this skill alone has allowed them to gain 10 games of experience for every one game that they actually referee.


As you might imagine…for years people have been trying to get Ed T. Rush to put his system down on paper. Problem is…the usual motivation did not work. Being quite humble…he never wanted to see his name in lights. Being financially secure…he never wanted to make any more money. So, no one could convince him to encapsulate his powerful success system in a widely-available format.


Until just recently…


You see…in order to get this system down, someone had to find the right motivation…which incidentally can be summed up in one word: INFLUENCE. Someone (very close) eventually convinced him that he could simultaneously mentor thousands of officials, instead of only a few, through the publication of his officiating system.


The person who did the convincing was, incidentally…his son. And since we’ve gotten this far together, I may as well introduce myself. My name is Ed Rush Jr. I am a former official who left the court 9 years ago to serve as a pilot in the Marine Corps. And…you may have guessed this already, but the official that I have been talking about is my Dad…none other than Ed T. Rush himself. You see…back in December just a few years ago, my Dad decided to put…


Everything He Knows Into A Simple-To-Use Package

That Can Be Immediately Applied By Any Official…

No Matter The Level….And See Profound Results!


His only condition was that 100% of the money that he earned in royalties had to be donated to charity.


I dropped everything!


In 3 short months… we assemble a Panel of Experts, a team of officials from all walks of life. These experts each contributed a unique angle to this system and brought a wealth of expertise to an already potent formula. All in all, we compiled hard-hitting, insider tips and secrets from some of the best minds in the game: 3 NBA Officials…2 Division One Officials…2 NBA Development League Officials…2 Division One Supervisors…1 College Observer and High School Assigner. No stone was left unturned…no expense spared to bring you everything that you need to know in order to get noticed, get hired, and move up quickly as an official.


When all was said and done, the final package had over 500 pages, over 10 and a half hours of Audio, 2 and a half hours of Video in 3 Manuals, 11 CDs, and 2 DVDs!


The system was a smash hit and the testimonials started rolling in, but between us…


Something was still missing.


There was that single missing ingredient necessary to finish a world-class recipe. Then…all of the sudden…it hit me. The ONE thing that was missing was personal and specific coaching from Ed T. Rush.


So…get this…


What if I told you that for as long as you want, you could personally have Ed T. Rush mentoring you through every step and decision in your officiating career?


Would that interest you?


What if I told you that in a few short days, you join a small and elite group of officials who are taking their career to new levels through teaching, mentoring, and coaching?


Does that get you excited?


What if I said that a referee who worked 33 NBA Finals games, 5 NBA All-Star Games, and concluded his career as the Director of Officials could personally lead you to success?


What if I said that, unlike a camp, you could discover, learn, and participate in all of this without leaving home?


What would that be worth to you? Let’s be honest…if you made it to Division One just one season faster, it could be worth tens of thousands of dollars…but…


What if I told you that you could try Ed's System Risk-Free



This system is unbelievable!!! 


This system is unbelievable!!!  In just a couple of weeks I am already through 8 CD and the book. No other place that I know of can I get the real thoughts of teachers from the NBA, NBDL, Div 1 and assignors. The best part is the dean of the school Ed. T. Rush himself which I was able to ask my own questions to.This system is amazing I am so happy to be apart of this network. Plus, with the Court Club, I was able to ask one of the most important questions for me. Signing up for this system has really helped a lot! The tapes are always in my car and it has really worked out for me. You are doing a wonderful thing!



David Posner

JUCO, DI, II, II Official

Gaithersburg, MD






Turns out it was the best investment I could have ever made. Ed's System puts YOU on the correct path for reaching your officiating goals. 

Three years ago I was looking for ways in which I could move up in basketball officiating. I was 21 years old and although already a high school varsity official, I wanted more.


I wanted playoff games, and even move into the college level.


After attending a referee camp in Las Vegas, I heard Ed Rush Jr. speak and was hooked on what he had to say. It turns out it was the best investment I could have ever made.


I just turned 25 years old and still have a ton of goals that I want to accomplish but let me list a few that I have already made because of using Ed Rush's system.


I am currently refereeing at the Division II, III, and JUCO level. My 1st year in college I receieved 13 games. And this past year received 19 games with three Division II conference games (the highest level games my assigner assigns). I am on the ABA staff and was also invited to a Dallas/Fort Worth Pro-Am Summer league that not just anyone can get into and referee.


I have also attended the right instructional camps and putting myself in front of the right people on where I want my level to someday be, in the NBA.


With that said, you may think that you can get all of this information just by strolling the internet. If that's you, you've got no idea what you are missing out on.


Take my word for it, if you have any desire to move up in your officiating, you NEED Ed's system.


He has outlined to me what it takes for someone to reach their goals! That is the honest truth, he does not hold back and I feel that he personally has been helping me reach mine and you can not put a price on that!


This is the best investment you will make and is for anyone looking to succeed. I owe Ed Rush and Ed Rush Jr. a lot for helping me reach my dreams and aspirations and you can too.


Aaron Clark

Division II, III, and JUCO level Official

Dallas, Texas


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If trying the System for one full year risk-free interests you, read on about how you can receive your very own Basketball OfficiatingSuccess System…and a Complimentary one month trial membership in our Court Club Officials Coaching and Mentoring Program


Just to wet your whistle (no pun intended)…here is a small sample of the things you will discover through the Basketball Officiating Success System and Membership in the Court Club:


Here is a small sample of the things you will learn through the Basketball Officiating Success System:


Learn the exact criteria that Division One supervisors are looking for in prospective officials…in both the men’s and women’s leagues!

How a key change that the NBA made this very year can get you in front of a professional scout within the next 12 months…no matter your age or experience!

Learn the one key item that must be on any resume that you submit to an assigner or supervisor. Omit this one item and your chances immediately begin to dwindle. (Note: omitting this item is more common than you’d think).

How to get enough games to fill your entire calendar…and…even get them without attending one camp!

How to put networking and self-promotion on auto-pilot!

Discover the #1 word that you can use to get a difficult partner on your side.

Learn exactly what it takes to make basketball officiating a full-time career.

Learn the single most effective way to develop cat-like officiating “feel”!

Find out the 6 must-have qualities of any excellent referee camp. (Note: you can use this checklist now to find the right camp this next summer).

Insider video reviewing tips that many professional referees still don’t know about!

How to turn 5 minutes and an internet connection into a proven tactic for dealing with an argumentative player or coach!

Discover the 3-step litmus test to immediately determine the effectiveness of any on-court response!

How to conduct an effective “covert” pre-game…even with difficult partners!

What you can learn in your bathroom that will give you instant credibility as a rookie at any level!

Learn the 2 surest (and nearly fail-safe) routes to any Division One staff!

How to master the art of balancing your officiating career with your already demanding work, family, and school schedules!

A short 10-question quiz to take at the end of each season…which can double…or even triple…your development before the next year!

2 simple tools that the pros use to bring snap-and-pop to their signals!

The one thing that you already do…in every game…that, when used properly…can be your single greatest asset over time!

What you should always do at the beginning of every video review session which will immediately have your partners waiting on your every word. (Plus: one thing that you should never do!)

2 cards that you can bring with you on the road, which, when used properly can have both an immediate and a lasting impression on your spouse and kids!

The one thing you could do that virtually guarantees you can pick or choose the Division One conferences that you want to work for!

And much, much, more!


"The success system is helping most

of all to motivate me."


I have a passion for refereeing basketball games and want to see how far I can go with it.  The success system is helping most of all to motivate me in taking the next steps along the way and also help me make better decisions.


David Geschke

Youth League Official

Germantown, WI



But that’s not all…in just a few short weeks, you will:


Discover the 10 crucial factors that reliably predict how successful someone will be in their officiating career. Ace all ten and the sky’s the limit!

Learn the one sentence which will summarize your greatest challenge as a high-level official…and discover how to easily surmount this one obstacle.

Find out which camps to avoid like the plague...and how to identify them quickly and easily!

Learn the three steps that every official must master if he or she wants to make it to the “big games”.

Discover the 13 qualities that professional directors use to rate their officials…and find out where you rate on their scale!

Find out 6 questions that…when asked and answered properly can help you to almost immediately start to achieve a successful balance between work, family, and officiating.

And much, much, more!



"Next to camps, this mentoring program is the best investment a basketball official can make." 

This program has had a tremendous impact on my professional development as a basketball referee in a short time.  Next season, I will not be working the volume of games to actively pursue development both physically play calling as well as to concentrate on the high school game.  I truly believe that next to basketball development officiating camps, this mentoring program is the best investment a basketball official can make who is committed to improving their game.

Brandon Montero

High School Official

Santa Rosa, CA



Are you interested in getting noticed? In this system, you will learn:


The very 1st quality that scouts and supervisors look for when scouting a new prospect…fail here and you do not get hired. (Hint: this vital quality can usually be determined before the end of the 1st quarter…at any level!)

About the officiating “eye test” and how failing it can be hazardous to your career!

What things you can do to get noticed…and increase your chances of impressing the decision makers…without losing your dignity!



"Your system...has improved my game immensely." 

Your success system – from the CD interviews to your book and the video break-down has improved my game immensely.  In fact, in the last two weeks I’ve officiated high level teams in the largest class in the state.  My feedback and evaluations have been very, very positive and my improvement noted by others.

Thanks, and I appreciate all you’ve shared.

Jake Worcester

College Official

Greenwood, SC



"Your system...has improved my game immensely." 

Hello Ed Sr. and Ed Jr.,

My membership with Court Club has been a great experience. Learning tape break down and watching for coaches to react as coaches do when under the pressure of the game has pushed my level of officiating to a higher level.

Your program allowed me to identify and deal w/the following questions that I often get from stressed out coaches:

1 What kind of call was that?

2 How could your partner see that call?

3 Can I get a call for my team?

4 Can someone explain to me what my team has to do to get to the free throw line?

5 Let the teams play.

These types of comments worried me before my membership with Court Club, but with the information gained through conference calls, membership guests and other officials sharing their experiences, I have been able to grow and be at a better position to wait for a play to develop and finish before putting a whistle on the player(s) or coaches.

Seeing the whole play and being able to better communicate with my 2 or 3 person crew is just without words. Coach communication and management is one area that Court Club helped me. It also helped me conduct a better pre game intro for what is expected and what will happen while out on the hardwood.

david_barkerDavid Barker

Hayword, CA




How about learning the one skill that all officials must possess to make it to the top levels of officiating…video breakdown:


Learn 3 simple ways to ensure that you get video footage of your games…and 1 way to avoid at all costs!

Discover the 3 main areas to look at when reviewing video. (Note: properly using this video reviewing method alone will quadruple your development in only one year!)

Find out 9 questions that you should ask when reviewing video that can make a big impact in your on-court presence.

And much, much more!



"Ed's dedicated team provides a support system for officials to grow and develop." 


I honestly have not put the material down since receiving the Success System offered by Ed Rush and Associates.  I believe that they have developed a fundamental approach for referees seeking to advance their careers and craft.  The great part about the system is that it doesn't stop with the books, CD's, and DVD's.  Ed's dedicated team provides a support system for officials to grow and develop.  

Robert F. DeFinis

PIAA High School Official,

Lansdale, PA




"I was skeptical at first about the entire program, until I listened to some of the CD's

I have been an official for 9 years, I currently officiate Mens JUCO and HS Boys Varsity in NYC Metropolitan areas.

I have had the Basketball Officiating Success System and Court Club membership for 1 year.

I was skeptical at first about the entire program, until I listened to some of the CD's. They were very informative about a lot of topics such as Positioning, Video Break Down, Athletic Appearance, Accurate Signals and Non Verbal Communication with partners, players and coaches.

The Basketball Officiating Success System and Court Club monthly live calls has me more conscientious of what needs to be done to be successful.

My immediate goal is to be accepted into Metropolitan New York Collegiate Basketball Officials Association after my try-out some time October or November.

Fred Gaines

Spring Valley, NY


Oh…and before I forget…this is far from a solo approach. So for a moment, let me introduce you to the Panel of Officiating Experts who add some “in the trenches” experience to this course. Learn first-hand from over 212 years of officiating expertise. Here is a small sample of the things that you will discover from the officials in the Panel of Experts:


NBA Crew Chief Monty McCutchen


Learn the Secret of Ritualization…what it is…and how you can use it to quickly develop pin-point rules accuracy, rock-solid mechanics, and ultra-crisp presentation skills.


PAC-10 Supervisor Bill McCabe


Discover the exact criteria that Division One Supervisors use to evaluate prospective officials…find out the 2 easiest ways to get hired in the PAC-10….and debunk the “2-Track Theory” to work at the Division One level and still keep your options open to work in the NBA.

Violet Palmer, NBA’s first female official


Learn what you can do week-in and week-out to stay on top of your game….find out how to overcome enormous obstacles to reach your dreams…and discover the power of setting near-term goals.

PAC-10 and NBA Development League Official J.T. Orr


Find out the key to accurate, realistic self-evaluation…learn the “barrel of monkeys” philosophy for getting ahead…and discover how teaching other officials can help accelerate your career…no matter what level you currently work at.

Former Big-12 Women’s Supervisor

Becky Marshall

Discover the 6 exact criteria that you should always use to find a quality camp…learn the keys to thriving under intense scrutiny….and hear her detailed expectations for the officials on her staff.

NBA and former NBA Development League Official Mark Lindsay

Discover how to manufacture a “big break”…and how to go quickly from $8 to $800 per game.

NBA Referee Olandis Poole

Learn the same techniques that Olandis used to referee in the Final 4 and in the NBA. Plus, hear Olandis’s tip on how a 3.36 oz. piece of gear…which when taken with you on the road, will make your family feel like you never left. (Hint: it’s not your phone.)




"I won't miss the Court Club calls! These monthly calls have helped me improve my game 100%.

The court club and success system has helped me tremendously.

I have learned numerous pieces of information that have helped me improve my game. I won't miss the Court Club calls! These monthly calls have helped me improve my game 100%.

The focus on the importance in breaking down your game video in this system has helped me become the official I am today.

When I first came to Ed's site, I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical. It seemed out of the price range and not worth the investment...I finally convinced myself (and my wife) that I needed something that would keep me connected to officiating year round.

This is it! Since subscribing to the Court Club and Success System last January, I was hired in a new conference and have learned how to effectively break down my game video.

Breaking down video really does make you 4 seasons better in 1 season! We all have dreams and goals in officiating, and this system will help you accomplish those goals!

Nate Harris
Spokane, Washington


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"I feel privileged to be a member who can listen and learn from professionals as I continue working to become a better official."

My healthy passion for officiating basketball led me to research the topic of basketball officiating online. I was hoping to round out my knowledge through this exploration. The one website that sparked an interest was Ed Rush's Officiating Success System.

Not wanting to go over my head, I didn't join immediately. But after further consideration, I became a member of The Officiating Success System and The Court Club.

The Officiating Success System materials -- books and CDs -- provide insight on how several well known basketball officials began their careers. This is interesting because they, too, are college graduates who became interested in officiating and persevered over time.

The Court Club has a monthly conference call that features distinguished guests who speak to members on topics that address a myriad of officiating standards and knowledge. Early in my membership, a presentation by an accomplished guest allowed for Q&A. I had been feeling isolated, particularly between seasons. The guest speaker provided insight on networking which I utilized and made my next season better.

For referees who care to: discover what it takes, make the effort, acquire knowledge -- including the finer points -- and implement the highest standards of officiating,...the Officiating Success System is the package.

Participation in the monthly Court Club calls keeps us connected year-round. I feel privileged to be a member who can listen and learn from professionals as I continue working to become a better official.

Ed Rush's Court Club provides a support and development system that can be of great benefit to aspiring officials who are willing to learn to improve and adhere to the prescribed format. Besides the wealth of content that membership provides, the occasion to meet and learn from the pros also exists. I implement what I am taught and am always greeted with respect by Ed Rush and guests.

I am grateful to be a member and to have the opportunity to associate on a professional basis with Ed Rush and associates.

ginger_gerardGinger Girard

Windsor Locks, Conneticut


And…If You Qualify for Membership, You’ll Also Receive The Huge Bonus Package That Arrives Along With Your Manuals, CDs, and DVDs…




FREE Bonus # 1


Unlimited E-Mail Access


Once you get into your very own Basketball Officiating Success System, you will undoubtedly have some follow-on questions and concerns specific to YOUR officiating career. And while we cannot possibly answer the hundreds of e-mails we get here in the office every day, we make a special priority to get back to each and every customer as quickly as possible. In fact, we have created a special e-mail account directlyto Ed T. Rush, Sr. just for this purpose. This account is privately held under lock and key, but will come to you as an extra-added bonus for ordering today.





FREE Bonus # 2


Resume Critiques from Ed T. Rush


As an added bonus only available in this offer, Ed T. Rush, Sr. has agreed to personally review and critique your officiating resume. Imagine the value of having the former NBA Director of Officials personally review your resume line-by-line and offer detailed suggestions…even before you send it out!





"I would not be the official that I am without being a member of your program!"

I am just really thankful for the Court Club membership. It has really done wonders for my game as an official…and as a person. You can always guess as to how you’re supposed to be as an official, but you guys really break it down and make it clear as to what exactly you need to do to be the best official possible. I take my hat off to the work that you guys have done. If anybody has any sense they are going to sit down and listen, and do exactly what you guys say to do because I am having an awesome season this year! And I am thankful for you guys. I wouldn’t be the official that I am without being a member of your program.

bob_pembletonBob Pembleton

PIAA High School Official,

Philadelphia, PA


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FREE Bonus # 3


One Complimentary Month of

Court Club Membership 


This is where the rubber hits the road. One night a month, Ed T. Rush will host a members-only call (usually 1-2 hours long). The first 30 minutes of the call are dedicated to covering one or more important lessons (last month's call was on how to be an NBA official…this month was our bi-monthly "You Make the Call" where we break down tape live over the internet). The remaining time is usually dedicated to answering your specific questions. As a court club member, you will be granted immediate access to ALL future Court Club coaching calls. Additionally, you will receive the CD of the call for repeat listening. After the one month trial, you continue to remain a member at your option at our lowest membership rate. 



"I consider the Success System and Court Club the best investment I have made in my development as an official." 

A member for a little more than 18 months, I consider the Success System and Court Club the best investment I have made in my development as an official.

I have attended numerous camps; in particular, Coast to Coast at Orlando in 2007 and Next Level at Villanova in 2008 and 2009 were tremendous learning experiences. However, my Court Club membership's great value lies in my ability to regularly revisit and reinforce key officiating development concepts through the books, bi-monthly interviews, web plays and monthly calls.

Since I purchase as video camera in late-winter 2008, I've been applying Brett Mancill's method of getting game video. Through the past 18 months, I have gotten video of approximately two-thirds of my games, and immediately reviewed each game using the Video Breakdown sheets--the same night in all but a couple of cases. I completely concur with the Success System's/Court Club's instruction that effective, immediate video breakdown yields substantial improvement.

I am working more and better-quality high school games; this past winter season I was selected for the first time to work high school post-season games; I am about to start my second year working local JuCo games as a member of the Philly-area College Basketball Officials Association; and this past summer I worked my first year in the Rankin-Anderson league (also called the Drexel Men's league, it's a Philly men's league which has former and current college and NBA and overseas pro players) using NBA rules and mechanics.

These improved outcomes of officiating higher-quality players, coaches and games have yielded and required better on-court and off-court performance factors, i.e., inputs, from me, which drives the process anew. It's a nice little auto-catalytic cycle.

robert_donahueI love officiating basketball. Thank both of you for all the outstanding instruction that has helped and continues to help me improve as an official.

Very respectfully,

Robert Donahue

Berwyn, PA


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FREE Bonus # 4


Online Video Review Site


View, comment and upload videos with game and breakdown notes to accelerate your video review capabilities. This new state-of-the-art system is SUPER EASY to use and is guaranteed to improve your play calling and help you get noticed, move up and get more game... FAST.




Court Club Online Video Review


Plus…you’ll be happy to know that…EVERYONE who has ever seen the material in the Basketball Officiating Success System and Court Club has openly admitted…it is…beyond a doubt…


The Single Most-Effective System They Have Ever Tried!


Want more proof?


Read the additional comments

we’ve already received…


"I have been waiting 7 years to get there…and your Success System was the difference!"

 Ed, I wanted to let you know how the Basketball Officiating Success System has helped me already. I have had the opportunity to read your entire system and for the last 7 years have never been able to break in or call 3-man. Since my camp in April with my high school association, my Assigning Secretary told me that with my presence on the court and the way I called that he will be assigning games at the 3-man level! I have been waiting 7 years to get there…and your Success System was the difference! I've listened to everyone of the CDs at least 4-5 times each already. I've gone through the Video Evaluating System and DVD's, probably about 12 times listening to each one of them. I've been calling AAU and having all of those games recorded and that paid off!  


Now it gets even better, I went to Denton last June and used your system and I got picked up at the college level.  Man does this system work.  Not calling any 3-man at the high school level to calling college in less than one year.  Thanks Ed.


Listen to Jeff's Comments - Click PLAY Below



Jeff Zink
High School Official

Borger, TX




"This success system will undoubtedly

give me that edge. "


I want to thank you for putting the calls together. It was great listening to the issues that your Ed T. Rush talked about. It helped to reinforce the same issues that we are trying to train our officials with. In addition, it gave great insight into what others are looking for, on and off of the court. Due to the competitive nature of this business, everyone needs an edge.This success system will undoubtedly give me that edge. I look forward to many more of these calls in the future. Thanks


Chris Vail

JUCO, Pro-Am Official

Falls Church, VA



"I had looked all over the internet to try and find something like and still to this day,

I have not been able to find anything that is close to this system

I began this journey with you all close to the time that you started this. I had looked all over the internet to try and find something like and still to this day, I have not been able to find anything that is close to this system.

This system has helped me alot. I keep the cds in my vehicle and I listen to them all the time, OVER and OVER and OVER. They are excellent.

I have learned so much from them and I actually got the chance to use alot of the info this summer to some new and younger officials. It has helped me move to the higher levels of high school officiating in Arkansas. Also, it has helped me move into the smaller college levels and hopefully it will help me to continue to move up the ladder.

This system has given me so many resources to help me out in my career. These resources are not just out there but the good ones is what this system tells us about.

Anyone wanting to become and better official or move up the ladder, needs to buy into this system. I feel that this system really is an investment in yourself and your officiating career. This is something is said alot on these calls and on the cds.

Although I have not been able to listen to the live calls online or on the phone much, I sure look forward to finding the cds in the mail everymonth.

Thank you Mr. Ed Rush and Mr. Ed Rush Jr. for this AMAZING System!!!

Thanks, and I appreciate all you’ve shared.

Kris Mealer
Mountain View, Arkansas



Plus, your investment is covered by our iron-clad guarantee.


In fact…you get TWO GUARANTEES.




First, you’ve got 90days to test out this products, read the material, listen to the CDs, watch the DVDs, join us on the coaching calls…treat everything as your own. If you are not completely blown away by what you’ve learned…then simply send back your Success System (in any condition) and your money will be returned to you faster than you can say “rebound.”


Ok…now pay close attention…because you will likely never see anything like this again. Your Second Guarantee is a…






(And Then Some) Guarantee


If you will stay with us for one year, we’ll stay with you for one year. And, if within one year of investing in your Success System and the Court Club, you have not earned back the money from this course on yourown schedule, all you have to do is provide documentation that you have gone through all of the material…have implemented at least 1 of the hundreds of tools in this System…and have not seen the guaranteed results. That’s it! Once that happens, we will promptly refund every penny you’ve spent with us…and we’ll even send you an extra $100…just for your time. You will get no hassles…and we can still be friends.


Seriously…have you ever heard of a guarantee like that before? Not likely…I mean just imagine that the next time you go to buy yourself a MiniVan or whatever…the dealer offers to give you your money back plus $100 if you are not satisfied!


Not gonna happen…and you want to know why? That dealer doesn’t believe that his product will give you results…WE DO.


Listen: Do you want to continue plodding up the ladder…only to find the next “rung” requires more time…more patience…more supervisors to shake hands with, etc. Do you seriously want to keep working game after game…year after year…without the benefit of these truly remarkable tools, tips, and techniques?


By now, you may be asking yourself how much a

System like could be worth,…$2,000, $3,000, maybe even $4000?


Truth is…it will cost you a lot more (much more) to learn about all of these secrets by spending years and years going to camps and clinics just to find them yourself. Look at it this way, the average up-and-coming referee can easily spend $3000 or more per summer…just on camps alone! If, through this system, you just find the right camp (and avoid the wrong one), you will have made your money back...and then some!


Better Yet! If, through the things that you learn in this System, you get to the Division One level just one game faster, you will have made your investment back by halftime. At over $1000 per game, just think of how valuable this could be if you get to the Division One level a few years faster!


The entire Basketball Officiating Success System and Complimentary 2 Month Membership to the Court Club has a value of over $2198.00, but right now, you can save $1601.00 just for this introductory offer, and invest only $597.




As a limited market test...we are offering the entire Basketball Officiating Success System on an EZ-Payment Plan. Get it on your front door for only $19.95. Then, if you decide to keep it, you'll make just 4 monthly investments of just $97.


But,you will haveto act fast. To be sure that you receive these bonuses and this low investment introductory offer, act now.


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“The best investment I’ve made…”


This is by far the most comprehensive material ever published that is focused on officiating itself. I was hesitant in the beginning but once I received my package I knew it was the best investment I’ve made.



Jeffrey Gearhart

High School Official,

Sequim, WA


Very seriously…


You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain


Best Case: Through the things that you learn, you reach your dreams of becoming a world-class official. You find a great camp, you get really good at video break-down, you get noticed by a whole host of top-level scouts, and you end up with more job offers than you could possibly imagine.


Worse Case: You give the Success System and the Court Club the “old college try”…and nothing happens. That’s unlikely…but you’ll still get a check back for your entire investment plus $100 at the end of the year.


You can’t lose…unlessyou procrastinate and miss out on this one-time offer.


I urge you not to put this off. There is very real…and very likely chance that this offer will expire very soon. So…I urge you to submit your application today.


Don’t put this off: Remember, successful officials know how to make accurate split-second decisions…and due to limited numbers, this is one decision that you definitely do not want to delay until tomorrow. There is a very real…and very serious chance that this special opportunity and these extra bonuses will not be around for long. So…


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Ed Rush Jr.


P.S. One more word on price (briefly). Right now, you have an un-paralleled chance to invest in your future. Currently, Division I officials make somewhere between $800-$1200 per game. So, hypothetically, let’s say that right now you invest in the System. Two years from now (through the things you learn in this course), you make it to Division One. Let’s conservatively calculate an average 40 games for a season at just $800 per game.


If, through what you learn in this course, you make it to Division I:


1 Game Faster – Your investment pays you: $800

2 Games Faster – Your investment pays you: $1600

1/2 Season Faster -Your investment pays you: $16,000

1 Season Faster – Your investment pays you: $32,000

2 Season Faster – Your investment pays you: $64,000

That’s 161 times your initial investment!

Just try to get your stock broker to beat that!!


That’s why I urge you to rush to grab your own Basketball Officiating Success System before this offer expires.


P.P.S. Extra Fast-Action Bonus:  As a special part of this special coaching offer, Ed T. Rush, Sr. has agreed to do a complete personal video break-down and analysis on up to 2 of your game videos. Here’s how this works: you will get a separate set of video reviewing coupons that you can use anytime within the next year. Then, simply send in your game videos…and Ed T. Rush will break them down for you and give you a nice long list of the things you did well…along some ideas and suggestions for development. This is something no referee in his right mind would want to pass up.


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“Ed Rush Jr. and Ed Rush Sr. have a true mission and reach out with rarely paralleled care!”


The Pro Basketball Referee Support System reinforces my passion for basketball officiating and gives me greater confidence.  The mentoring by Pro Basketball Referee Support has put me on a positive path to improving my opportunities in officiating. 


The Court Club is certainly unique because of the personalized support and individualized responses to questions and situations that we can encounter in officiating.  The unique mentoring that members receive is based on solid experience at the pro level and a complete knowledge of sports officiating. 


In addition, the System has produced many insightful publications and inspirational CDs that strengthen the referee's interests and provide methods of improvement such as breaking down game tapes.


Ed Rush, Jr. and Ed Rush, Sr. have a true mission and reach out with rarely paralleled care for others through a true dedication to excellence in basketball officiating. 



Ginger Girard,

Windsor Locks, CT




P.P.P.S. If you ever have any questions about the Basketball Officiating Success System, please feel free to call our office at 619-292-2599 (just ask for Rob). I know it’s always nice to have a real person behind the words on a page…and we will be more than happy to talk with you between the hours of 8-4 Pacific time, Monday through Friday.





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