Basketball Reffing Success In The Making


Basketball Reffing – The Need To Do It


The Art of Basketball Reffing-There’s no doubt that basketball reffing takes passion, the kind of passion that makes one willing to be an unsung hero. If you’re like me, you no doubt dreamed of becoming a pro basketball player (or any sport for that matter) but stumbled across the gratification of basketball reffing a game seemingly by chance. (I say “seemingly” because I don’t believe in chance.)Basketball Reffing Success

When you were working the court basketball reffing, you may have seen it then as a means to an end, a chance to make a little extra money or an extra activity for school. But then something unexpected happened: you discovered that basketball reffing wasn’t a job at all. Refereeing is an art. You felt like artist working magic with your hands and your voice, and discovered that you were perfectly content to be an unsung hero because your art- the game that flowed smoothly, like scenes in a great movie or paragraphs in a good novel- spoke for itself.

BBR – Before Basketball Reffing…

Back during the Renaissance, when Michelangelo’s friends used to compliment him on his statues and sculptures, he would say that the sculptures were actually already there, hidden inside the marble. All he needed to do was chisel away the unwanted pieces and smooth out the surfaces.

Basketball reffing is the same way. Within each game is that great artwork that the spectators want to see. It is your job as a referee to call players out on the unwanted bits of technical fouls and players who are out of bounds.

Like Michelangelo, you know that getting rid of the unwanted bits is easier said than done, but the need to do it- YOUR need to do it- is no different than Michelangelo’s need was.

If you listen to basketball reffing talk about their occupation, they never even use the word “job” to describe what they do. They use the words “art”, “game”, and even “craft” to describe what they do. You may have even heard yourself talk that way when talking about your own game. The reason for this is simple: those who do basketball reffing are among the few who are truly blessed in that their business is also their pleasure. Most people can only dream of being in an occupation where business and pleasure are one in the same.

Right now, you are reveling for the opportunity get onto a court and show the world what a great artist you can be basketball reffing a great basketball game. You don’t even care if any of the spectators see how well you did on the court because you want your craft and the results of the game to speak for themselves. Even if you do get a compliment, you’re likely to react the same way that Michelangelo did, and say, “The great game was already there. We just smoothed out the rough edges.”

You say “we” because you know that unlike a sculptor, basketball reffing is a team effort, you feel the same pride in a well-officiated game weather you are the lead or one of the umpires. You don’t just feel proud of yourself, you feel proud of your fellow referees and even the players and coaches on both teams!

I’m getting all kinds of fired up right now just writing about the art, craft, pride, and satisfaction that comes with basketball reffing. And I’d be willing to bet that YOU are feeling similarly fired up right now too. You’re not just reveling for opportunity to get on the court, you’re anxious to get out there and craft magnificent basketball games on the Division I and professional NBA levels.  You just wish that you had a mentor, someone who has been there and done it and could be there for you and give you guidance.

Basketball Reffing Success

That is why I created the Basketball Officiating Success System. I was blessed to have such mentors when I began officiating in the mid-‘60’s, but today, it is an entirely different ball of wax and young up-and-coming referees like you won’t have the same opportunities that I did.

So today, I draw on my 40 years of success in Division I and professional basketball reffing to show you the way to basketball officiating success. I can promise you that if you invest in the Basketball Officiating Success System and implement the strategies that I will teach you, you will craft a magnificent game confident that a college or even an NBA scout will see what most people cannot see or ever will; that you are a master sculptor of basketball reffing.


Fired up yet? Good! Don’t wait another minute. Invest in the Basketball Officiating Success System today and let me be your mentor.